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Arkadiev V.V., Baraboshkin E.Yu., Bagaeva M.I., Bogdanova T.N., Guzhikov A.Yu., A.G. Manikin, V. K. Piskunov, E. S. Platonov, Saveleva Yu.N., Feodorova A.A., Shurekova O.V. (2015) New Data on Berriasian Biostratigraphy, Magnetostratigraphy, and Sedimentology in the Belogorsk Area (Central Crimea) // Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation. Vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 155191.

The most complete composite Berriasian bio- and magnetostratigraphic section of central Crimea is characterized for the first time with a description of the contact between the carbonate Bedenekyr and terrigenous Bechku formations. The section contains all the standard ammonite zones: jacobi, occitanica, and boissieri. The Malbosiceras chaperi Beds are attributed to the occitanica Zone. The Berriasian section is characterized by six foraminiferal assemblages, ostracods (Costacythere khiamiiHechticythere belbekensis and Costaythere drushchitziReticythere marfenini beds), and dinocysts (Phobercysta neocomica Beds). The magnetostratigraphic section contains analogs of Chrons M17 and M16 reliably correlated with ammonite zones. on the basis of paleomagnetic data, the Berriasian section of central Crimea is correlated with coeval sections of the Mediterranean Region. The sedimenological analysis confirms accumulation of Berriasian sediments mostly in shallow shelf environments of the carbonate platform. RUSSIAN TRANSLATION