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Baraboshkin E.J. (1996) The Russian Platform as a controller of the Albian Tethyan/Boreal ammonite migrations // Geologica Carpathica. Vol.47. No.5. P.1-10.

A large collection of ammonites was collected by the author during his investigations of the Albian of the Russian Platform (RP) in 1979-1990. There are both Boreal and Tethyan ammonites in the collection. This means that there were different routes of Albian ammonite migration through the RP accompanied by faunal mixing. The effects of Quaternary glacial erosion make localization of these routes difficult: they are traceable only by stratigraphical and faunal analysis and correlation with adjacent regions. Further investigations of Albian paleogeography of the RP showed that these routes were controlled by synsedimentary tectonics of the RP.