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Strauss C., Elstner F., Chene R.J., Mutterlose J., Reiser H., Brandt K.-H. (1993) New micropaleontological and palynological evidence on the stratigraphic position of the German Wealden in NW-Germany // Zitteliana. Vol. 20. Pp. 389-401.

An integrated micropaleontological and palynological investigation of a fairly complete section of the Biickcberg Formation provided new evidence for its precise correlation with the Boreal and Tethvan stratigraphic standard scales. For the uppermost .Wealden 3 and lowermost .Wealden 4 a Late Ryazanian age can be assumed by calibrating dinocyst and ostracode data with the Boreal ammonite zonation. Similarly, a (Late?) Early Valanginian age is assumed for the interval from the upper .Wealden 5 to the top of .Wealden 6 by calibrating dinocyst range bases with Boreal and Tethvan ammonite zones. In the light of a new chronostratigraphic approach of the Tethyan Lower Cretaceous a preliminary sequence stratigraphic subdivision is given based on lithological and palynofacies data