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Löser H., Nieto L.M., Castro J.M., Reolid M. (2021) A Lower Valanginian coral fauna from the South Iberian Palaeomargin (Internal Prebetic, SE Spain) // Palaeontologia Electronica, 24(1):a06.

From the Lower Valanginian of the Sierra de Cazorla (Internal Prebetic, SE Spain), a coral fauna is taxonomically described. The fauna encompasses 51 species in 29 genera. one genus and three species are described as new. The most speciesrich are the superfamilies Cyclolitoidea and Stylinoidea. The faunal composition is ambivalent and encompasses typical Jurassic taxa, such as members of the families Amphiastraeidae, Rhipidogyridae, Solenocoenidae and Stylinidae, but also typical Cretaceous elements such as the genera Confusaforma, Floriastrea and Holocoenia (which also have their first occurrence in the Valanginian studied fauna). Four Jurassic genera show a range extension into the Early Valanginian: Alloiteaucoenia, Bilaterocoenia, Hykeliphyllum and Miscellosmilia. Other genera still survived into the Late Valanginian (Placogyra, Rhipidogyra and Solenocoenia) but became extinct. A palaeobiogeographic analysis shows relationships of the studied fauna to the Tithonian and the Kimmeridgian of the northern Tethys on one hand, and the Hauterivian of the Paris Basin and the Puebla Basin (Mexico) on the other. Nineteen species of the studied fauna remained in open nomenclature; the majority of them probably represent new species.