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Ettachfini M., Company M., Rey J., Taj-Eddine K., M.Tavera J. (1998) Le Valanginien du bassin de Safi (Maroc atlantique) et sa faune d´ammonites. Implications paléobiogéographiquesThe Valanginian of the Safi Basin (Atlantic Morocco) and its ammonite fauna. Palaeobiogeographical implications // Comptes Rendus de l´Académie des Sciences - Series IIA - Earth and Planetary Science. Vol. 327. Iss. 5. Pp. 319-325.

The study of ammonite assemblages collected from the Calcaire inférieur and the Argiles brunes in the region of Safi (Morocco) has allowed us to pinpoint the age of these formations and to attribute them, respectively, to the Boissieri Zone ower part of the Campylotoxus Zone and to the upper part of the Campylotoxus Zone pper Valanginian. These units are also reinterpreted in terms of sequence stratigraphy. In addition, the analysis of the faunal spectrum shows that, although differing in some respects, these ammonite associations are similar to those of other peri-Tethyan platforms, while differing considerably from the basin assemblages.