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Cooper M.R., Kennedy W.J. (1979) Uppermost Albian (Stoliczkaia dispar zone) ammonites from the Angolan littoral // Annals of the South African Museum. V. 77. Part 10. Pp. 175-308.

Rich, well-preserved collections of late Albian (Stoliczkaia dispar Zone) ammonites from the Angolan littoral provide the basis for discussion of the ontogenetic and intraspecific variation within 5. {Stoliczkaia) tenuis Renz, Tetragonites jurinianus (Pictet), Eogaudryceras italicum Wiedmann & Dieni, Desmoceras latidorsatum perinflatum subsp. nov., Phylloceras (Hypophylloceras) seresitense Pervinquiere, Anisoceras haasi sp. nov., and Mortoniceras (Durnovarites) collignoni sp. nov. Other important elements present include Idiohamites dorsetensis Spath, /. pygmaeus sp. nov., /. cf. elegantulus Spath, Anisoceras armatum (J. Sowerby), A. perarmatum Pictet & Campiche, A. phillipsi sp. nov., Mortoniceras {Durnovarites) perinflatum (Spath), M. (D.) subquadratum Spath, M. {Angolaites) simplex (Choffat), M. {A.) gregoryi (Spath), Cantabrigites? curvatum Renz, Hysteroceras? cf. ootaturense (Stoliczka) and Borissiakoceras sp. nov. ? aff. reymenti (Brunnschweiler). The faunas form the basis for discussion of the subdivisions of the Stoliczkaia dispar Zone, and a return to the simple division into subzones of S. {Faraudiella) blancheti below and M. {Durnovarites) perinflatum above is proposed.