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Granier B.R.C., Ferry S., Benzaggagh M. (2020) A critical look at Tré Maroua (Le Saix, Hautes-Alpes, France), the Berriasian GSSP candidate section // Carnets Geol. 20 (1). Pp. 1-17.

The Tré Maroua site in SE France was recently selected by the Berriasian Working Group (BWG) of the International Subcommission on Cretaceous Stratigraphy (ISCS) as the candidate locality for the reference section of the Berriasian Global Boundary Stratotype Point (GSSP). However, on the basis of our preliminary investigation at this site and also from field observations over a larger area, this candidate section is paleogeographically located on a deep-water slope riddled with successive erosional surfaces, stratigraphic hiatuses and breccias. It does not meet at least four of the five "geological requirements for a GSSP". Accordingly, in our opinion, its candidacy must be definitely precluded. +