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Matsumoto T., Hayami I., Hashimoto W. (1965) Some molluscan fossils from the buried Cretaceous of western Taiwan // Petroleum Geology of Taiwan, Taiwan Petroleum Exploration Division, Chinese Petroleum Corporation, vol.4, pp.1-23, pls. 1-2.

This paper presents a result of the writers´ study on the molluscan fossils from the Mesozoic rocks of the two wells, PK-2 and PK-3 of the Chinese Petroleum Corporation, drilled in the vicinity of Peikang, western Taiwan. Three species of ammonites are described by T. Matsumoto and fourteen species of other mollusca, of which three are new, by I. Hayami. The upper fossiliferous bed (at the depth of 1645.00 m in PK-2) contains Chelonice,as (Epicheloniceras) aff. orientate, the middle one (at the depth of 1695.20-1701.00 m in PK-2) Cucul,laea aff. acuticarinata and several other bivalves, and the lower one (at the depth of 1977.65-2005.50 m in PK-2) Costocyrena n. sp. and Tetoria (Paracorbicula) sp. The fossiliferous part at the level of 2034.70-2065.66m in PK-3, which seems to correspond to the middle fossiliferous bed of PK-2, contains Dufrenoyia aff. justinae, D. aff. discoidalis, Mesosaccella ( ? ) n. sp., Cucullaea aff. acutica,inata, Amygdalum aff. ishidoense, Neithea (Neithella) sp., "Ca,dita" n. sp., Nemocardium aff. yatsushiroense, etc. The marine faunule in the upper and middle fossiliferous layers indicates an Aptian age and the brackish-water one in the lower layer a Lower Cretaceous age. Further geological implication of these Cretaceous fossils is discussed in conclusion.