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Lakova I., Petrova S., Andreeva P., Metodiev L., Reháková D., Michalík J. (2017) Notes on the stratigraphy and microfacies of Tithonian and Berriasian carbonate sequence around Dragovishtitsa Village (Western Srednogorie, Bulgaria) // Comptes rendus de lAcad´emie bulgare des Sciences. Tome 70, No 10. Pp. 1429-1436.

In the eastern part of the Western Srednogorie Unit, a specific succession of Gintsi and GlozheneSlivnitsa formations has provided micropalaeontologi-cal evidence of late Tithonian (Chitinoidella and Praetintinnopsella zones) and mid-Berriasian (Elliptica Subzone of the Calpionella Zone) age on the basis of 38 chitinoidellid and calpionellid species. A significant stratigraphic hiatus has been documented within the GlozheneSlivnitsa Formation since the Crassicol-laria Zone, as well as the Alpina+Remaniella subzones of Calpionella Zone, are absent from the section. The conformably overlaying Salash Formation is of mid-Berriasian age (Elliptica Subzone) and is locally characterized by presence of calcareous sandstones. Seven carbonate microfacies have been determined, which suggest that the carbonates were deposited in carbonate ramp rather than under pelagic conditions. Indeed, the upper part of the sections studied has revealed an upward-deepening trend.