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Kopaevich L.F., Khotylev A.O. (2014) The Stratigraphic Setting of Cretaceous Volcanic Rocks in Crimea and in the North Caucasus // Moscow University Geology Bulletin. Vol. 69. No. 6. Pp. 433444.

The ages of volcanic activity in the Crimea and North Caucasus are reported in this paper. The age estimation of the described ranges is based on the results of micropaleontological analysis (planktonic Foraminifera) with account for the data on other groups, mostly Ammonites and Inoceramids. Volcanic rocks are related to the Upper Albian (Thalmanninella appenninica Zone), Lower Cenomanian (Thalmanninella globotruncanoides Zone) deposits, boundary deposits of the Lower and Middle Cenomanian (Thalmanninella deeckey Zone), and Middle-Upper Cenomanian (Rotalipora cushmani Zone). Volcanic activity was found for the Campanian Stage (Globotruncanita elevate and Globotruncana ventricosa) as well.