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Bragina L.G., Bragin N.Yu., Kopayevich L.F., Djerić N., Gerzina S.N. (2019) Stratigraphy and microfossils (radiolarians and planktonic foraminifers) of the Upper Cretaceous (upper Santonianlower Campanian) Struganiklimestone (Western Serbia) // Palaeoworld, 28. Pp. 361380.

Radiolarians and planktonic foraminifers were studied from several sections of the Upper Cretaceous lithographic limestones near StruganikVillage (Western Serbia). These deposits were formed in a local basin, in a low-energy sedimentary environment surrounded by a shallow-water carbonate platform. The Struganik limestone is represented by alternating micritic limestone with calcarenite, rudite and tuffaceous rocks. The sections of the Struganik limestone have a narrow stratigraphic interval that covers the upper Santonian and probably includes the lower Campanian, with a total thickness reaching 120150 m. The radiolarian zones Crucella robusta and Afens perapediensis were traced within the unit. The foraminiferal zone Dicarinella asymetrica was tentatively identified.