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Marek S., Shulglna N. (1996) Biostratigrapbic correlation between Lower Cretaceous deposits in the central region of East-European Platform and the Polish Lowlands // Geological Quarterly. Vol 40. No 1. Pp. 129-140.

The Russian Platform and the Polish Lowlands were independent provinces in the Lower Cretaceous within the uniform zoogeographic Boreal-Atlantic Realm: the East-European and the Polish Province. Boreal ammonites dominated over the Russian Platform in the Berriasian, Valanginian, and Hauterivian, while in the Albian-Aptian the Tethyan ammonites of wide areal extent played essential part also in the boreal province. A mixed type of Boreal-Tethyan fauna appeared in the Polish Lowlands, with southern species dominating in the Berriasian, Late Valanginian, and Middle and Later Albian. The boreal ammonites were dominating in the Early Valanginian and Hauterivian. Common boreal species are of decisive importance for correlation of the l.ower Cretaceous in both provinces including such genera as Riasaniles, Surites, Borealiles, Poiyptychites, Dic/zolomiles, and Simbirskires.