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Lukeneder A. (2010) Barremian ammonoids from Serre de Bleyton (Drôme, SE France) // Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien, Serie A. 112: 613-626.

Barremian ammonoids were collected at the Serre de Bleyton locality in the Department Drôme, SE France. The cephalopod fauna from the coulées boueuses, correlated with other macrofossil groups (belemnitoids, brachiopods, crinoids, echinoids etc.) and microfossil data (foraminifera) from the turbiditic unit, indicates Barremian age. The deposition of the allodapic limestones and marls in this interval occurred during depositionally unstable conditions which led to the formation of turbiditic layers. The ammonoid fauna comprises 8 different genera, each apparently represented by a single species. The assemblage at the Serre de Bleyton section is dominated by ammonoids of the Melchioritestype. Ammonitina are the most frequent component (Melchiorites 52%; Holcodiscus 8%), followed by the Phylloceratina (Phyllopachyceras 3% and Hypophylloceras 2%), the Lytoceratina (Protetragonites 15%), and the Ancyloceratina (Anahamulina 10%, Karsteniceras 8% and Macroscaphites 2%). The ammonoid fauna consists solely of Mediterranean elements.