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Manikin A.G., Grishchenko V.A., Guzhikov A.Yu., Kolpakov V.V. (2019) Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Bazhenov Suite of Western Siberia and the Surrounding Deposits // In: Nurgaliev D., Shcherbakov V., Kosterov A., Spassov S. (eds) Recent Advances in Rock Magnetism, Environmental Magnetism and Paleomagnetism. Springer Geophysics. Springer, Cham. P. 411-423.

A paleomagnetic and petromagnetic study of the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in three wells, located on the territory of Imilorskoye and Severo-Yeguryahskoe deposits of Western Siberia was conducted. The sediments of Bazhenov Formation and underlying, as well as overlaying, deposits are detected in each section. Paleomagnetic and petromagnetic studies were carried out on partially (up-down) oriented core samples. According to the results of alternating field magnetic cleaning characteristic components of magnetization were determined and a paleomagnetic column was compiled, showing the dominant normal polarity in the interval from Bajocian-Bathonian to Berriasian-Valanginian. This contradicts the existing data on the Middle-Jurassic to Early-Cretaceous geomagnetic field regime, but still does not prove the secondary magnetization of rocks. For the definitive solution of the problem of magnetization genesis in oil and gas bearing formations of Western Siberia it is necessary to continue their magnetostratigraphic studies. Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) of 659 samples from the sections of Bazhenov Formation and overlying deposits was studied on the territory of Imilorskoye and Severo-Yeguryahskoe deposits of Western Siberia in 6 wells. The half of the wells represent the classical section of Bazhenov Formation (organic-rich siliceous shales), and another wells represent the anomalous section of Bazhenov Formation (alternation of black shales and sand-silty rocks). The results of AMS study support an idea of close age of bituminous argillites and terrigenous rocks from anomalous section of Bazhenov Formation.