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Mitta V.V. (2009) Ammonites of Tethyan origin from the Ryazanian of the Russian platform: genus Subalpinites Mazenot // Palaeontol. Journ. V. 43. No 6. P. 615-625.

The ammonite genus Subalpinites is known from the Berriasian of southern and central Europe, North Africa, Mangyshlak, and Ryazanian Stage of Central Russia. New species are described: S. gruendeli sp.nov.,S. faurieformis sp. nov., S. remaneiformis sp. nov. These species and also S. krischtafowitschi Mitta characterize the lower subzone of the Riasanites rjasanensis Zone in the Moscow Region. The upper subzone of this zone in the Ryazan Region contained members of Subalpinites identified in open nomenclature.