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Pestchevitskaya E.B., Smokotina I.V., Baykalova G.E. (2012) Lower Valanginian palynostratigraphy of southeastern regions of Siberia, palaeoenvironment and vegetation reconstructions // Journal of Stratigraphy. V. 36. No. 2. P. 179-193.

The distribution of terrestrial palynomorphs is analyzed in two Lower Valanginian sections from southeastern areas of West Siberia. Comparison with the palynological zonation developed on fauna in the dated sections of North Siberia allows the definition of palynological marker levels and calibration of southern palynological zones against the Boreal ammonite standard. It provides a stratigraphic basis for the reconstruction of short-time fluctuations of the Early Valanginian vegetation and landscape related to climatic changes and the dynamics of the neighboring palaeobasin. Lateral comparison of Valanginian palynological assemblages of central and eastern regions of Eurasia shows the transitional character of the vegetation in the southeastern region of West Siberia, demonstrating typical features of both the Indo-European and the Siberian-Canadian palaeofloristic provinces.