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Pestchevitskaya E.B. (2007) Dinocyst Biostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous in North Siberia // Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation. Vol. 15, No. 6, pp. 577609.

The described scheme of the Lower Cretaceous (BerriasianBarremian) stratigraphic subdivisions is elaborated based on palynological study of sections in the Khatanga depression, Ust-Yenisei region, PurTaz interfluve, and around the Ob River latitudinal segment, the North Siberia. Stratigraphic distribution of microphytoplankton studied in detail is used to distinguish 10 biostratigraphic units in the rank of dinocysts zones. Stratigraphic position of the zones is determined with confidence using data on the Lower Cretaceous reference sections in the Khatanga depression, which were principal ones by constructing the Boreal standard zonation. In majority, boundaries of the dinocysts beds are of a high correlation potential and can be regarded as reliable stratigraphic markers, as they are recognizable not only in Siberia, but also in northern Europe and America.