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Pestchevitskaya E.B. (2006) Early Cretaceous dinocysts of northern Siberia and their stratigraphic significance // Palaeontological Journal. V. 40. Suppl. 5. P. S629-S647.

The palynological analysis of the BerriasianBarremian of northern Siberia has once again demonstrated the great stratigraphic value of dinocysts. A succession of ten dinocyst zones has been established. Most of their boundaries may be considered as important stratigraphic marks, which can be traced, apart from in Siberia, in northern Europe, Greenland, and China. Groups of characteristic species, in common for these territories, are determined for certain intervals. Dinocysts of the suborders Rhaetogonyaulacineae and Cladopixiineae (including two new morphotypes), four species of Dingodinium and four species of Aprobolocysta are described, among them new species Dingodinium subtile and Aprobolocysta cornuta. The genus Horologinella is revised, and the diagnosis of Aprobolocysta is emended