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Peshchevitskaya E.B., Lebedeva N.K. (2003) Geographical differentiation of Early Cretaceous palynofloras of West Siberia // Russian Geology and Geophysics. Vol. 44. No. 6. pp. 501-514.

Early Cretaceous palynological assemblages of West Siberia were compared by statistical processing of numerical data. Modern methods of biometry permitted us to analyze a great body of information and to recognize palynological associations within West Siberia on the basis not only of qualitative but abŕo quantitative criteria. Lateral distribution of these associations is controlled by a combination of both paleoclimatic and paleogeographical factors. As a result, the interpretation of palynological material is rather ambiguous. Reasons for the differentiation of the Early Cretaceous palynoflora are discussed in terms of the obtained results and existing paleofloristic models.