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Boughdiri M., Olóriz F., Lopez Marques B., Layeb M., De Matos E., Sallouhi H. (2005) Upper Kimmeridgian and Tithonian Ammonites from the Tunisian "Dorsale" (NE Tunisia), updated biostratigraphy from J. Oust. Riv. Ital. Paleontol. S. 111. Pp. 305-316.

In the context of updating biostratigraphic analysis in the Upper Kimmeridgian-lowermost Berriasian from the whole of the Tunisian Dorsale (NE Tunisia), new results obtained from the Jebel Oust reference section are presented. The bed-by-bed-sampling of a rather rich ammonite fauna gathered in the two most favourable profiles in the area allowed to propose, for the first time, a biozonation for Upper Kimmeridgian to Tithonian limestones. Calpionellids relayed or completed ammonite assemblages, and were also useful for biostratigraphy in beds close to the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary. The composition of ammonite assemblages, as well as the known ranges for genera and species, is in accordance with the available information from epioceanic areas in West-Mediterranean Tethys. The recognized biozones fit the standard proposal given by Groupe Français D′Etude du Jurassique in 1997. Age-interpretation for turbiditic horizons in the Jebel Oust is made for the first time. In spite of some limitations, the biostratigraphic results obtained in Jebel Oust sections provide a valuable tool for potential correlations with poorly known sections in northern Tunisia, as well as with other Tethyan areas.