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Ropolo P., Moullade M., Gonnet R., Conte G., Tronchetti G. (2006) The Deshayesitidae STOYANOV, 1949 (Ammonoidea) of the Aptian historical stratotype region at Cassis-La Bédoule (SE France) // Carnets de Géologie. Notebooks on Geology - Memoir 2006/01. Pp. 1-46.

one of the significant results of the multidisciplinary investigations carried out during recent years in the Lower Aptian historical stratotype of the Cassis-La Bédoule region (South-Eastern France) was a proposal to update the local Upper Barremian/Lower Aptian ammonite biozonation in order to be more consistent with the standard Mediterranean zonal subdivisions. So the lower and upper boundaries of the Lower Aptian (= Bedoulian substage of most French authors) as well as the boundaries of four biozones (Paradeshayesites tuarkyricus, P. weissi, Deshayesites deshayesi, Dufrenoyia furcata zones) and two subzones (Roloboceras hambrovi and Paradeshayesites grandis subzones) were identified and formally defined in the stratotype. However, to support this zonal scheme additional descriptions and illustrations of the ammonites collected bed by bed in the several sections studied were still required. In this paper we describe the members of the most significant ammonite family found in the Lower Aptian of Cassis-La Bédoule, i.e. the Deshayesitidae, and delimit precisely their stratigraphic positions. As regards zonation, we have replaced the index ammonite of the earliest Bedoulian Zone, i.e. Paradeshayesites tuarkyricus (BOGDANOVA, 1983), by Paradeshayesites oglanlensis (BOGDANOVA, 1983), and re-established the Pseudocrioceras waagenoides Zone as a subzone.