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Bogdanova T.N., Tovbina S.Z. (1994) On development of the Aptian Ammonite zonal standard for the Mediterranean region // Ceologie Alpine, Mem. H. S. N. 20. Pp. 51-59.

The paleontological characteristic of the Aptian ammonite zones of the Trans-Caspian area. There are four zones in the Lower Aptian (Bedoulian) - tuarkyricus, weissi, deshayesi and furcata ; two zones in the Middle Aptian (Gargasian) - subnodosocostatum and melchioris, three zones in the Upper Aptian (Clansayesian) - prodromus, nolani and jacobi. The ammonite zonation of the Trans-Caspian area is correlated with those of Caucasus, Europe and the ammonite zonal standard of Mediterranean area. The species-index of the lower zone of the Middle Aptian Colombiceras tobleri is proposed to change to Epicheloniceras subnodosocostatum.