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Karpuk M.S. (2016) New Protocytherines (Ostracods) from the Lower Cretaceous sequences ofthe Crimean Peninsula // Revue de micropaléontologie, 59. Pp. 180187.

One new genus of Ostracoda, Protobrachycythere nov. gen. (Protocytherinae, Lyubimova), and two new species, P. taurica nov. sp. and P. apticanov. sp., are described from the Barremian and Aptian of the Crimea. Based on the ontogeny of the hinge, Protobrachycythere is considered asan ancestor of the Brachycythere Alexander, 1933 (Brachycytherinae Puri, 1954). The higher taxonomy of the Subfamily Brachycytherinae isreviewed. It is suggested to assign Brachycytherinae to the Family Brachycytheridae Puri.