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Vasicek Z. (2005) The oldest (Late Valanginian) crioceratitinae (heteromorphic ammonoids) from the Central Western Carpathians (Slovakia) // Geologica Carpathica. V. 56. N. 3. Pp. 245-254.

An Upper Valanginian ammonoid collection from the Manin Unit (the Butkov Quarry of the Ladce cement works, middle Vah Valley) obtained recently contains true Crioceratitinae and other related subcriocone ammonoid shells belonging to six species of Crioceratites, Criosarasinella and Himantoceras. The occurrence of Crioceratites in the ammonite furcillata Zone represents the first known Valanginian record of this genus from the Central Western Carpathians. on the basis of the morphology of its early whorls, Criosarasinella is taxonomically assigned to the family Ancyloceratidae, the same as Crioceratites and Himantoceras.