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Bak M. (2004) Radiolarian biostratigraphy of the Upper CenomanianLower Turonian deposits in the Subsilesian Nappe (outer Western Carpathians) // Geologica Carpathica. V. 55. N. 3. Pp. 239-250.

The Upper Cenomanian-Lower Turonian flysch deposits of the Subsilesian Unit of the Outer Western Carpathians include a characteristic interval of green and black, siliceous shales with manganese concretions, benthonites and tuff, with abundant radiolarian fauna. Thirty two species of Radiolaria have been identified. Spherical cryptothoracic and cryptocephalic Nassellaria dominate in the assemblage. Two radiolarian species: Alievium superbum and Crucella cachensis have been proposed as biomarkers for setting the CenomanianTuronian boundary interval in the deposits of the Subsilesian series of the Polish Outer Carpathians.