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Reháková D. (2002) Chitinoidella Trejo, 1975 in Middle Tithonian carbonate pelagic sequences of the West Carpathian Tethyan area // Geologica Carpathica. V. 53. N. 6. Pp. 369-179.

Detailed microfacies analysis of Tithonian pelagic carbonate sequences from the Central West Carpathian and Pieniny Klippen Belt areas allows us to recognize several differences in chitinoidellid morphology on the basis of which several chitinoidellid genera Chitinoidella Doben, 1963; Borziella Pop, 1997; Carpathella Pop, 1998a; Longicollaria Pop, 1997; Daciella Pop, 1998a; and Dobeniella Pop, 1997 could be recognized among the Middle Tithonian chitinoidellids of the Dobeni and Boneti Subzones. The new Popiella n.gen. was introduced, and in the framework of it, the new Popiella oblongata n.sp. was described. on the basis of the chitinoidellid vertical distribution, they were included into the Dobeni and the Boneti Subzones of the standard Chitinoidella Zone where they can be utilized for High Resolution Stratigraphy (HIRES) of the Middle Tithonian carbonate pelagic sequences. From the point of view of chitinoidellid phylogeny, this paper regards Longicollaria dobeni as the ancestor of Dobeniella and Crassicollaria species; Dobeniella tithonica could have been the ancestor of Remaniella ferasini. The newly described Popiella oblongata could have been in phylogenetic lineage with Calpionellopsis simplex and Calpionellopsis oblonga.