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Ciborowski T., Kolodziej B. (2001) Tithonian-Berriasian calpionellids from the Stramberk-type limestones, Polish Flysch Carpathians // // Geologica Carpathica. V. 52. N. 6. Pp. 343 348.

Calpionellid fauna from the coral-bearing exotics of the Stramberk-type limestones from Polish Flysch Carpathians has been studied. Calpionellids of the Remanei Subzone and the Intermedia Subzone as well as the Calpionella Zone indicate the Late Tithonian (most of exotics) and the Early Berriasian age of exotics studied. In contrast to the Stramberk Limestone (Moravia), calpionellids of the Chitinoidella Zone have not been recognized in the studied material