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Reháková D., Šulgan F., Vašíček Z., Michalík J. (1995) Environment, fauna and paleogeographic importance of the Berriasian limestones from the Vigantice tectonic slice in the outer Western Carpathians // Geologica Carpathica. V. 46. N. 1. Pp. 53-58.

The limestones of the Vigantice tectonic slice represent one of the few preserved remnants of the sedimentary record of Mesozoic sedimentation in the Cetechovice Basin of the Outer Carpathians. The sequence of pelagic limestones contain caldturbidite intercalations with clastic material originating from the Silesian cordillera. The fauna of aptychi (Punctaptychus punctatus punctatus, P. p. rectecostatus, P. sp., Lamellaptychus beyrichi beyrichi, L submortilleti) indicates a Berriasian age of the limestones. The association of calpionellids is typical of the Calpionella Zone.