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Pop G. (1994) Systematic revision and biochronology of some Berriasian - Valanginian calpionellids (genus Remaniella) // Geologica Carpathica. V. 45. N. 6. Pp. 323 331.

According to present data the genus Remaniella includes five species: Remaniella cadischiana (Colom) here emended, R ferasini (Catalano), R filipescui n. sp., R borzai n. sp. and provisionally so-called "R aff. cadischiana". These species are placed on three phyletic lineages. "Hvo of the above mentioned species are at the origin of other calpionellids with composed collar (genera CalpioneUopsis and Praecalpionellites). In this way the biostratigraphic potential of the studied calpionellids is better known.