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Maalaoui K., Zargouni F. (2017) Biostratigraphical study around the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in Central Tunisia zonal schemes and correlation // Journal of African Earth Sciences, 125. Pp. 166-176.

- . || The fossil data from Central Tunisia has led to the recognition of ten calpionellid and ammonite zones and subzones in the Upper Tithonian-Middle Berriasian interval. The results of this revision are congruent with local interval zones and they were tested with the Mediterranean zonal schemes. Six subzones of calpionellids constitute the basis of our investigations in this study. We recognized the A2þA3, B1, B2, B3, C1 and C2 Subzones. These subzones are calibrated with the ammonite biozones: Berriasella jacobi and Subthurmannia occitanica Zones. Integration of the biostratigraphy of ammonites and calpionellids has allowed us to define the J/K boundary interval and the Middle/Upper Berriasian boundary. Biostratigraphic data provided by the two sections in Central Tunisia allowed the revision of the biostratigraphic attribution of Sidi Kralif Formation. These faunas suggest a late Tithonian to mid Berriasian age for the Jebel Rheouis section, and early Berriasian to mid Berriasian age for Jebel Meloussi section; correlating with their equivalents in other regions of the Tethyan Realm.