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Golonka J., Waśkowska A., Doktor M., Bubik M., Reháková D., Vašíček Z., Ślączka A., Kaminski M.A. (2016) Most significant geosites of the Cieszyn Foothills, Outer flysch Carpathians, Poland and Czech Republic // e-Review of Tourism Research (eRTR). Vol. 13, No. 5/6. Pp. 525-535.

The article provides a review of the most important geotouristic attractions within the Cieszyn Foothills, Outer Flysch Carpathians in Poland and adjacent part of the Czech Republic. The best geosites, which can be visited during a short 1-2 day visit in the Polish Carpathians were selected. The present paper contains the description of the classic localities exposing the oldest deposits and igneous rocks of the Silesian Unit. The geotouristic objects are important because the represent scenic sites as well as geosites with educational values supplying limitless information about the geological history, as well as the history of earth sciences research.