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Averianov A.O., Arkhangelsky M.S., Merkulov S.M. (2016) An Azhdarchid humerus (Pterosauria, Azhdarchidae) from the Upper Cretaceous of Saratov Region // Paleontological journal. 2016. V. 50. 4. P. 414-417.

A proximal humerus fragment referred to as Azhdarchidae indet. from the Rybushka Formation (Upper Cretaceous, Lower Campanian) of the Beloe Ozero locality in Saratov Region is described. The proximal articular surface is not saddleshaped, has a weakly convex profile in the frontal section. The most posteriorly projecting part of the proximal articular surface is displaced ventrally. A large pneumatic foramen is located on the anterior surface ventral to the base of deltopectoral crest and close to the proximal articular surface. The humeral head is slightly declined from the diaphysis and only slightly overhangs the diaphysis posteriorly. This proximal humerus fragment possibly belongs to Volgadraco bogolubovi Averianov, Arkhan gelsky et Pervushov, 2008, described from the Rybushka Formation of the Shirokii Karamysh 2 locality in Saratov Region.