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Arkadev V.V., Bogdanova T.N., Lysenko N.I. (2007) Representatives of Genera Malbosiceras and Pomeliceras (Neocomitidae, Ammonoidea) from the Berriasian of the Crimean Mountains // Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation. Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 277296.

The revised representatives of ammonite genera Malbosiceras and Pomeliceras from the Berriasian of the Crimean Mountains are classed with seven species, four of the first genus [M. malbosi (Pictet), M. chaperi (Pictet), M. broussei (Mazenot), M. pictetiforme Tavera] and three of the second one [P. aff. Boisseti Nikolov, P. breveti (Pomel), P. (?) funduklense Lysenko et Arkadiev sp. nov.]. The identified species are described. The genus Mazenoticeras is considered as synonym of Malbosiceras. The above species prove that all the Berriasian zones (jacobi, occitanica and boissieri) are characteristic of corresponding deposits in the Crimean Mountains.