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Wong W.O., Dilcher D.L., Labandeira C.C., Sun G., Fleischmann A. (2015) Early Cretaceous Archaeamphora is not a carnivorous angiosperm // Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 6, Article 326. Pp. 1-4.

Archaeamphora longicervia H. Q. Li was described as an herbaceous, Sarraceniaceaelike pitcher plant from the mid Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Liaoning Province, northeastern China. Here, a re-investigation of A. longicervia specimens from the Yixian Formation provides new insights into its identity and the morphology of pitcher plants claimed by Li. We demonstrate that putative pitchers of Archaeamphora are insectinduced leaf galls that consist of three components: (1) an innermost larval chamber; (2) an intermediate zone of nutritive tissue; and (3) an outermost wall of sclerenchyma. Archaeamphora is not a carnivorous, Sarraceniaceae-like angiosperm, but represents insect-galled leaves of the previously reported gymnosperm Liaoningocladus boii G. Sun et al. from the Yixian Formation.