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Averianov A.O., Popov E.V. (2014) A Pterosaurian Vertebra from the Upper Cretaceous of the Saratov Region // Paleontological Journal. Vol. 48, No. 3, pp. 326329.

A dorsal vertebra referred to as Azhdarchidae indet. from the Rybushka Formation (Upper Cre taceous, Lower Campanian) of the Beloe Ozero locality in the Saratov Region is described. Its vertebral cen trum has a hypapophysis and, at the base of the neural arch, there is a large pneumatic foramen. The vertebra possibly belongs to Volgadraco bogolubovi Averianov, Arkhangelskii et Pervushov, 2008, described from the Rybushka Formation of the Shirokii Karamysh 2 locality in the Saratov Region.