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Popov E.V., Machalski M. (2014) Late Albian chimaeroid fishes (Holocephali, Chimaeroidei) from Annopol, Poland // Cretaceous Research, 47, P. 1-18.

Remains of Late Albian chimaeroid fishes (Holocephali, Chimaeroidei) are described from the mid-Cretaceous condensed succession of the Annopol anticline, Poland. The described material consists of dental plates, dorsal-fin spines and a single frontal clasper. These remains are assigned to five genera and seven species of edaphodontids, namely Ischyodus thurmanni, Ischyodus aff. bifurcatus, Ischyodus incisus, Elasmodus sp., Elasmodectes sp., Lebediodon oskolensis and Edaphodon sedgwickii. Most of these taxa are recorded from Poland for the first time, documenting a much greater regional chimaeroid diversity than previously recognized. In terms of taxonomic composition, the Annopol chimaeroid fauna is intermediate between coeval assemblages from the Cambridge Greensand (England) and from Belgorod Province, Russia, having more taxa in common with the latter.