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Jagt J.W.M., Jagt- Yazykova E.A., van Neer R. (2009) Belemnellocamax ex gr. grossouvrei, a rare mid-Campanian belemnitellid (Cephalopoda, Coleoidea) from the Hannover area, Northern Germany // . . - . . . . 84. . 2. . 78-82.

A single specimen o f the rare belemnitellid Belemnellocamax ex gr. grossouvrei (janet), recently co l lected from the Misburg Formation (Echinocorys conica-B elem nitella mucronata Zone; lower mid- Campanian) at the Teutonia Nord quarry near Misburg (Hannover area, northern Germany) is described and illustrated. It represents the youngest record o f this taxon to date and also the largest specimen ever reported. An overview o f earlier records o f the species is added, and pertinent literature items are listed.