Kennedy, W.J. 2020 - Ammonites from Tunisia and Algeria

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Kennedy, W.J. 2020 - Ammonites from Tunisia and Algeria

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Kennedy, W.J. 2020. Upper Albian, Cenomanian and Upper Turonian ammonite faunas from the Fahdène Formation of Central Tunisia and correlatives in northern Algeria // Acta Geologica Polonica, 70 (x), xx–xx. DOI: 10.24425/agp.2019.126459 ... 7464/19180

Over 130 species are documented from the Upper Albian, Cenomanian and Upper Turonian Fahdène Formation and correlatives in Central Tunisia and northern Algeria, based on material described by Henri Coquand (1852, 1854, 1862, 1880), Léon Pervinquière (1907, 1910), Georges Dubourdieu (1953), Jacques Sornay (1955), and new collections. The material consists predominantly of limonitic nuclei, together with adults of micromorphs. There is no continuous record, and a series of faunas are recognised that can be correlated with the zonation developed in Western Europe. These are the Upper Albian Ostlingoceras puzosianum fauna, Lower Cenomanian Neostlingoceras carcitanense and Mariella (Mariella) harchaensis faunas, the upper Lower to lower Middle Cenomanian Turrilites scheuchzerianus fauna, Middle Cenomanian Calycoceras (Newboldiceras) asiaticum fauna, Upper Cenomanian Eucalycoceras pentagonum fauna, and the Upper Turonian Subprionocyclus neptuni fauna. Two new micromorph genera are described, Coquandiceras of the Mantelliceratinae and Cryptoturrilites of the Turrilitinae. Most of the taxa present have a cosmopolitan distribution, with a minority of Boreal, North American and endemic taxa.
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